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A day before school

Looping the new songs of arashi, "yurase, imawo" and "sora takaku". Good songs again. Good lyrics and good feeling. Looking forward to the full version of "soratakaku" and another new song "Troublemaker".

Dun listen to local song is due to the similar lyrics and similar melody. The themes are boring and meaningless.

Got the spring version of "hoshi ni naru made" and found out that summer and winter version 've not yet played in public. No matter how many times i listen to it. It's still touching. Really love this wedding song.

Besides, to me, when listening to arashi's songs, i would just like them more and more.

This is arashi's magic.

a week before school

This week should be for my german beginner course, but it was cancelled due to not enough student. arienai..... ||

I decided to use this "extra" week for my languages and reference books. Too many books to be read and too many vocab and pronunciation and gramma have to be memorized.

Targets are the TOPIK in April and JLPT in July. Not for what and i've not yet reached those levels yet. just want to have exams. I 've been crazy, hahaa~~~


One of my friends always said she doesnt understand why i like sho kun so much.

just saw and done a test from internet
here is the result of the first 4.^^


当たり前の結果~ (the fifth one is not matsumoto san. it's koichi kun.)

this is a reason why i cant enter which one is my favorite in offical fan page.
keep listening on their song during this examination period.
still have exam on wednesday, but the feeling is already holiday.
cannot figure out which one is my favourite song, but one is very clear that I love sho kun's rap.
yes, sho kun's only. althought i am not that like rap, but sho kun's rap is just like magic.
keep looping arashi's songs, wishing sho kun would release solo album. ><
the "星になるまで" is amazing. cant stop crying when first time listen to the whole song.
the lyrics is just too warm. Sho kun's rap with canon in D is just too yasashii.
i think i can just write posts for each songs. many of them are special for me.^^

during examinations

Under stress. This is reflected by waking up at 2:45am before alarm. My result would be better when I am not sick. Or I should say that I am "奇跡を呼ぶ人" when I am not sick. When my health is not bad, I cant see my limit. Everytime makes me surprise. Very curious that how much I can do. After this school exam, it would be the emergency exam and then mid-term, TOPIK, final, JLPT and then a very short about 2 weeks summer vacation. Next year would be a busy year, yoyo~~

Busy vs Full schedule

My schedule is packed starting from this week and throughout the sem break, but I do not think I am busy. Well planned schedule is definitely not busy. This is my definition, hahaa.

Cannot be back home early this week. Today has minarai. Tomorrow has additonal class. Wednesday has to hand in HW which has been done about 1% according to no. of words and practical class which means I can leave school after 5:30 which should be the earliest in this week. Thursday again has minarai. Friday originally can be back before sunset, however, this week has a talk about the minarai in summer and hopefully I can leave school at 6:30.

Next Sunday has concert and Monday I have arbeit after school, i.e. at night and then comes to December. First two weeks are for final examination revisions, and then a weekend and sunday for concerts again and back to revisons again for the last subject. About 10 days blank (still be blanked at this moment and is going to be filled up soon), it comes to the emergency course (4 whole days). After the German course (5 half days), it's the start of second sem.

However, I still have many space for piano, books, jdrama, japanese, major, friends, church, etc. Therefore, I do not count myself as busy. yaritaikoto ga takusan aru. yasuminotokidake, jiyuuni yaru. koreha, atashi ga nagaiyasumi wo sukinagennin desu.

It seems I am busy. However, I like to have such packed schedule. Or maybe I am said to be those who love and has to live in busy life.

PS, with packed schedule, I have watched nodame cantabile for many times. Some serifu have been memorized automatically. This of course can help my japanese. Target is momerizing most serifu without desturbing my study in major. Ah~~ chiaki senpai~~ ^^

Gaining weight

I really did nothing on holiday... ><
Going to try to switch on my scanning power. Make books as my meal? Hahaaa..... I must lose weight then.
Scan, scan, scan!!!

time is never enough

No time for aiba san's radio program (4 weeks already.... ><), and of course no time for his new drama... ><
No time for sho kun's ichimen. I chose to watch arashi no shukutai kun which means I can only give out 30 mins per week?!
A little bit crazy but it's real. Time is never enough for study and revisions.

The processing format of my brain changed without noticing. It's glad that I finally figure out the strange thing which is that the way of my brain to memorize things is different from that before I enter university. The image part was lost. I can only memorize the sound and meaning. Therefore, I felt extremely difficult to memorize things. Why and How come???

I have to adpat to it. At least, I could figure out a new way for me to memorize things more efficient and more tight.

2nd time of Code Blue

Also have a fast view of second time of Boss. Suddenly realized that Yosuke Asari san was in it. Sugoiiiii!!!! I realized that just because I noticed the scar on his face. I saw the familiar scar and shouted, "Asari Yousuke?!?!" As an actor, this is a good commend, isnt it?

About Yosuke Asari, I like his shining face. Of course, similar type as Masaki Aiba san~~ My cup of tea? Maybe. Hahaaa~~~

I have said before that taste and favourite may not be changed easily. Those changed are the surroundings.
To my friends, no one knows that I love man with shining smiling face. Not because I have changed my cup of tea, but I haven't seen any that would make me crazy like that in the past. I really love Aiba chan and Yosuke san 's suteki na ekao.

October and My Girl

"My Girl" has already started from yesterday and full verson of "My Girl" was on Aiba's radio program. No time for the drama. Just looping the theme song when revising. It's a good song. Waiting for the day of release. It should be on 11 November. Also waiting for the membership card of ARASHI fans club. I think I have to wait til after the release of "My Girl". It would then become the most valuable birthday present since my birth, hahaa.

Mid-terms and arbeit. Actually I have no energy for friends. I know everyone has their nayami. However, I am just too tired to give out my heart recently. I really cannot concentrate on the chatting.

Maybe that's just because I've found out my "inspiration" and "duty". I want to just focus on it and work it out perfectly.


Accidents are those that we can not predicted. Nowadays, this term usually has a negative image, for unpredicted loss, unpredicted hurt and even unpredicted death.

It should be a hard week for Shoko Nakagawa san. It's glad to see that she overcomes that even though it is just appear to be.